On one of my calls recently a lady mentioned the following problem.Some friends of hers had just moved into a new house and were unable to read their newspaper at their dining table due to the high wall heat pump directly above the table blowing the newspaper around!

This situation can arise in a new house where the developer has asked the electrician to fit a heat pump in the house.In many of these cases the installer puts the unit in a position which is easiest for him to install with no thought to the layout of the room or future comfort of the occupant.This can mean the heat pump is not necessarily sized correctly for the area concerned or positioned correctly for future placement of furniture once the house is occupied.

With a heat pump, you have a product that produces moving warm or cold air and therefore the installation position is very important.  Ensuring the heat pump has the correct capacity for the area is also of paramount importance .

Hartnell Coolheat have a design team ready to quote for all air conditioning needs from plans which would eliminate basic errors like those mentioned above. Remember it is much easier to get it right in the first instance rather than try and remedy it once the heat pump is already installed!

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