Healthy & Energy Efficient Homes In Winter

Stopping unnecessary drafts during winter is the first step towards warm, healthy and energy efficient homes. A temperature of 17C is comfortable when moving around the house however when watching television or sitting for longer periods this temperature should be closer to 20C.

There are many ways to economically save power and provide a healthy home that take a minimal amount of time and labour. While all new homes should have double glazing, older homes will often suffer from chilly drafty windows. For a quick fix a range of self -adhesive strips are available from hardware stores. However window replacement and thermal drapes are a definite option to stop unwanted cold air circulating in the winter.

Of course air should always be able to circulate freely around your home and doors and windows should be regularly opened to avoid trapped, stale air.

There has been some confusion regarding how long a heat pump should be operating for. To achieve the best performance in all domestic situations from your heat pump, we recommend you leave it on at all times over the winter months so a steady temperature is maintained i.e don’t turn off; turn down if you are too warm or will be out of the room or home. This does not mean we recommend you leave your heat pump running continuously. Any time where windows or doors remain open it would obviously not be energy efficient for your heat pump to remain on.

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