Cheap Heat Pumps

With all the homes that are either red zoned or being demolished there are a number of 2nd hand heat pumps available. We regularly get asked to price removal and reinstallation of these units however there are several things to keep in mind when considering purchasing one of these systems.

  • We need a power supply (or generator) on site to recover the refrigerant gas prior to removing the units as it is against the law to release the gas into the atmosphere.
  • In doing some of this work we have discovered a number of units have suffered damage to circuit boards largely as a result of power fluctuations during the earthquakes.We have reinstalled some of these units only to discover after installation that they have issues particularly with plant over 5 years old. Any equipment under 5 years which has been operating recently is unlikely to be an issue but if you have no knowledge of the plants operating history it is a risk when reinstalling particularly from a parts availability point of view.
  • From our experience relocating heat pumps can be a lottery. Even plant which has been operational can cause problems once moved.

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