On one of my calls recently a lady mentioned the following problem.Some friends of hers had just moved into a new house and were unable to read their newspaper at their dining table due to the high wall heat pump directly above the table blowing the newspaper around! This situation can arise in a new house where the developer has […]

Healthy & Energy Efficient Homes In Winter

Stopping unnecessary drafts during winter is the first step towards warm, healthy and energy efficient homes. A temperature of 17C is comfortable when moving around the house however when watching television or sitting for longer periods this temperature should be closer to 20C. There are many ways to economically save power and provide a healthy […]

Cheap Heat Pumps

With all the homes that are either red zoned or being demolished there are a number of 2nd hand heat pumps available. We regularly get asked to price removal and reinstallation of these units however there are several things to keep in mind when considering purchasing one of these systems. We need a power supply […]

Are you ready for winter?

Daylight saving is about to finish, it’s getting cooler in the mornings and the wind is beginning to whistle through the streets. Yes, winter will soon be upon us once more. We always have a huge influx of orders with the onset of winter. However many people will be caught out by the first cold […]


As a result of the Canterbury earthquakes many people are looking to rebuild and here at Hartnell Coolheat we recommend you insist upon double glazing and the highest grade wall and ceiling insulation. This reduces the amount of heating required giving a quick pay back on your original investment. While on the subject of building, […]

Seasons Geeetings

Well it’s that time of year where we reflect on the year that was and look forward to the year ahead. It has been a mixed year for the team at Hartnell Coolheat once again, as it has been for much of the Canterbury region. We have been involved in a few big projects in the Canterbury Rebuild […]

The Colour Connection

Hi All. As Cantabrians we are aware of the thousands of homes and businesses being programmed for repair or rebuild in our region. There are various climate control options available and our experienced design team can help you decide on an air conditioning system to best meet your individual needs. Many residential and commercial clients now prefer a […]

Be cool in hot water

We are getting near that time of year again where we start to think of BBQ’s and hot summer days by the pool.As swimming pools increase in popularity many people are looking at ways to enjoy them without compromising the environment or the bank balance.Heat Pump Technology is providing the answer.Most outdoor swimming pools now use heat pumps […]

Spring is here

Hi all! Well Spring is here and its probably time to think about a heat pump service before switching over to cooling in summer.Like all things in life, a yearly check up can also do wonders for your heat pump system. The Hartnell Coolheat 10 Point Service Check is a thorough maintenance test and clean. Our qualified […]

Rebuilding Canterbury

Hi All. As Cantabrians we are aware of the thousands of homes and businesses being programmed for repair or rebuild in our region.Whether rebuilding or repairing Hartnell Coolheat can offer a complete home heating assessment either from architectural plans or from a site visit.There are various home heating / air conditioning options available and our experienced […]