Be cool in hot water

We are getting near that time of year again where we start to think of BBQ’s and hot summer days by the pool.As swimming pools increase in popularity many people are looking at ways to enjoy them without compromising the environment or the bank balance.Heat Pump Technology is providing the answer.Most outdoor swimming pools now use heat pumps for water heating because it is such an economical method.

Due to our climate here in Canterbury there has been an increase in the demand for indoor pools which allow use all year round. It’s here that specialist applications of heat pump technology are delivering even greater levels of economy and energy efficiency.This occurs with heating incoming air from the outside and then circulating this air throughout the pool area.

As pool rooms require adequate aeration to prevent health issues and moisture build up the ventilation system needs to be capable of removing this moist, warm air from the room.This air is then exhausted via the outdoor heat pump where the heat can be recovered thereby reducing the need for the unit to work as hard. This form of waste heat recovery is highly efficient in reducing overall energy usage.

Whether it’s regarding a heat pump for a pool or you just want some specialist advice for air conditioning and ventilation give us a call here at Hartnell Coolheat.

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